Make Invitations

Planning an important party? A wedding, baby shower, birthday party, graduation, or anything else that you'll need to send invitations out for? Why not create your own?

Making your own invitations

may seem like a daunting task, but it's really not! You can save a lot of money in exchange for the time it takes to create your own event invitations.

Creating printable invitations allows you to bring out your personality and creativity

, making your cards so much more personal.
Below we have a

short tutorial including many helpful ideas, hints, and tips

to guide you through the design process! The invitations you create will astound your guests and be scrapbook worthy. Speaking of scrapbooks, the tips and hints you find on this web site will help you create marvelous scrapbooks to document the important events of your life.
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Invitation Templates and Layout

If you've seen an invitation online or in the store, feel free to use it as your own template. This doesn't mean to say you should completely rip off the invitation, just model your own ideas after it - Similar colors, layers, formatting, etc. The page layout of your invitation is also very important, what size do you want your invitation or card to be? To begin your design, you should first pick up a few pages of specialty paper. Keep in mind the colors and stationery texture you want to use.

Invitation Borders and Layers

Creating professional invitations is especially easy with this tip: Layer your paper! It's very simple and easy to do this, just cut out different sizes of different colored stationery and use a light adhesive to glue multiple pieces of paper together. Graduation and wedding invitations are extremely simple, just use a black stationery background and a white foreground with embossed text. A light blue, green, and yellow are great colors for baby showers and children's birthday parties.

Embossing Your Invitation

Embossing the text on your invitation is a little more tricky, but still very easy to do once you have the hang of it! It should be noted that you cannot emboss regular paper, it will likely just burn; you'll need to use a heavier stationery. After any laminating or varnishing sprinkle on some embossing powder over an adhesive or wet ink and use an embossing gun or a hair dryer (only if you know what you're doing) to give your invitations and cards a luxurious look! Embossing guns as well as the ink and powder needed to create this effect are readily available at all craft stores. You should practice this technique before applying it to your finished invitation and remember to follow the directions on the embossing gun or powder's packaging.

Finishing your Invitation

To give your invitation a finished look, hand sign it and add a nicely placed string of ribbon, or use a pattern scissors to cut a smooth border around your invitation. Using rubber stamps on your cards is also a great way to spruce it up. There are many patterned stamps available to give a nice unique background element to any stationery. And remember: Just have fun!